7 reasons why Leicester business’ should build a WordPress website

In advising small businesses on establishing their online presence, I always recommend WordPress as the go-to platform. Why is this so? Firstly, WordPress is a quick and efficient way to launch a website, and secondly, it’s remarkably user-friendly. Often, I’ve encountered small business owners expressing their struggles with updating their websites internally, or lack of provided training.

WordPress could be your solution

So, let’s delve into the world of WordPress. Not only is WordPress the most renowned free and open-source blogging tool on the web, but it’s also an extremely robust Content Management System (CMS) for building websites. As of August 2016, it was the engine behind 35% of all newly created websites and powered over 16.7% of Alexa’s top one million websites. It’s favoured by large corporations and small businesses alike due to its exceptional adaptability, catering to organizations of all sizes.

Here are seven benefits of opting for WordPress as your website platform:

Search Engine Affinity: Search engines, including Google, index sites powered by this CMS quicker than traditional static websites. This means your site is likely to attract traffic faster.

Extensive Plugin Library: WordPress hosts an innumerable array of plugins and add-ons for features ranging from e-commerce (like WooCommerce) to contact forms. With consistent updates and upgrades, you’ll always have access to the latest technology and innovations.

Visibility on Blog Directories: Having a WordPress website allows you to market it on all blog directories, thereby significantly extending your reach beyond what a conventional HTML website offers.

Built-in SEO Capabilities: WordPress has a wealth of SEO functionalities built right into it, enabling you to rank effectively on search engines.

User-friendly Maintenance: WordPress can be easily managed and updated by anyone, even without coding skills. This means you can seamlessly add new content whenever desired, making website management less time-consuming.

Built-in Blog Feature: In today’s digital age, a blog is a must-have for any business website. With WordPress, you get a built-in blog, enabling easy interaction with visitors and a platform to keep them informed about your company updates.

Integrated RSS Feed: WordPress comes with an inbuilt RSS feed, providing you the capability to syndicate your content, a powerful tool for attracting traffic.

We are here to help local Leicester businesses establish their online presence. Contact us for a complimentary quote and let’s embark on your online journey together.

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