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Cookie Dough Kids is a children’s online clothing boutique specialising in personalised clothing.

Kirsty had previously had a website built by me, A Couple Of Idiots Abroad, but this site was a lot different in being an e-commerce site.

There were a lot of things Kirsty wanted with this site, the main thing is a fast and mobile-friendly site with an easy checkout process.

Kirsty wanted to start selling her designs online and get people to her new website.


Client Kirsty Lunn

Project Date August 2017

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The main objective of this build was to give Kirsty a place to showcase her designs and make it easy for people to purchase.

With most of the items being personalised, we needed a field where the customer could input details like name and age for printing so we set up woocommerce add-ons. This way we could easily add a field to every order.

Kirsty also wanted to gain a loyal following of customers so we set up woocommerce points and rewards. This way the more customers spend, the more discount they can get. This system encourages repeat sales.


Once Kirsty had the business all set up, she contacted me again to how she could really start driving sales towards the business through marketing and SEO. 

We both set out a plan and a budget that works and implemented an SEO, PPC and influencers marketing. 

Combining these three marketing strategies we were able to really start driving sales but also start climbing the Google ladder and now organic sales are growing every day. 


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