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At RR Webdesign We have been working in e-commerce for over 15 years, making successful online stores and understanding the world of selling online. 

We present cost-effective and visually appealing solutions that cater to various needs – from simplistic stores featuring a limited range of products to robust, database-driven websites that can host thousands of items. Our comprehensive services encompass every facet of establishing your e-commerce site, inclusive of secure transaction processes with immediate credit card verification.

Whether you are planning to market a single product or have a vast inventory of thousands to showcase, don’t hesitate to embark on your online retail journey. Reach out to us if the prospect seems overwhelming; we are at your service to assist you every step of the way!

Expert eCommerce Development in Leicester:

Based in Leicester, RR Web Design is your trustworthy partner for businesses looking to dive into tailored eCommerce solutions that meet their specific needs and enhance the customer experience.

We are experts at creating custom eCommerce website designs and developments. Our portfolio highlights several successful WooCommerce stores, each carefully designed to meet individual business requirements and deliver real results.

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Preparing to Sell Online with RR Web Design

Every website design is unique. We regularly help clients who are keen to set up online stores, walking them step by step through the journey of launching their new business. Here’s your guide to getting eCommerce-ready:

Understanding Your Product Range

Consider the categorisation of your products. Do they possess unique SKU codes? How will you manage variations in size and colour?

Crafting Perfect Product Imagery

Identify the source of your product images. Would they require professional photography, or can they be obtained from your suppliers? Are different shots necessary for varying colour options?

Deciphering Delivery Charges

Formulate a method to calculate delivery charges - will it be based on weight, cart total, size, distance, or a blend of these factors?

Setting Up a Reliable Payment Gateway

Will your platform accept credit card payments? Ensure that you have an appropriate bank account, like a merchant account, and decide on an online verification system or a simpler alternative like PayPal or Stripe.

Efficient Stock Control

Are you planning to implement stock control on your website? Will it be integrated with any existing systems?

Contact Us To Help

If these considerations seem a bit overwhelming, we are just a call away. Our team at RR Web Design is eager to assist you on this journey. Contact us at 07904372058

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Boost Your Online Sales with our eCommerce Solutions

In the fast-paced online market, having a skilled partner by your side can really help you grow steadily.

We’re ready to be that partner, providing custom eCommerce solutions that aren’t just good-looking but also effectively turn visitors into customers.

Using top-notch tools and knowledge, we make your online store easy to use, promoting repeat business.

We create solutions from easy-to-navigate website designs to smooth transaction processes, boosting your online sales and taking your business to the next level in the eCommerce world.

Join forces with us and see a noticeable increase in your online sales as we turn your digital shop into a hub of profit and happy customers.

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Secure & Reliable eCommerce Solutions


At RR Web Design, we’re always coming up with ways to boost your website’s conversion rate, helping turn more visitors into regular customers. We identify potential areas for growth, set up optimisation goals, and use advanced analytics to make quick decisions, helping customers find the best deals or products easily.


Finding a reliable payment method online can be tough. Our team is experienced in setting up various payment gateways like PayPal, SagePay, ApplePay, and Stripe, making sure your transactions are safe and secure at all times.


At RR Web Design, we know your website isn’t a standalone entity. That’s why we work hard to make sure your eCommerce solution works well with important software like CRM or ERP systems, helping your day-to-day operations run smoothly. We use flexible APIs and integrate with platforms like Amazon and eBay to improve your site’s overall effectiveness and functionality.


Our design approach at RR Web Design is all about the customer. We aim to build shopping experiences that naturally guide customers through the buying process, promoting satisfaction and encouraging them to come back.

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What you need to know

What is Ecommerce web design?

E-commerce web design refers to the process of creating a website or online platform that facilitates the buying and selling of products or services over the internet. The goal of e-commerce web design is to create a user-friendly, secure, and efficient online shopping experience for customers.

What is the difference between web design and Ecommerce?

Web design involves creating the layout, visuals, and structure of a website, focused on user experience and aesthetic presentation. It encompasses a variety of websites, including informational blogs and portfolios.

On the other hand, e-commerce is a subset of web design that specifically facilitates online commercial transactions, where users can buy products or services directly through the website. It emphasises secure transactions, product listings, and customer service functionalities.

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