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Why Email Is Number One

You’ve got an outstanding website – but what’s your strategy for reaching potential customers online?

At RR Web Design, we specialise in crafting, disseminating, and monitoring powerful email campaigns to accentuate your online presence.

Email marketing stands as the leading strategy employed by online businesses, primarily due to its cost-effectiveness and efficiency in delivering information and products directly to consumers.

RR Web Design Leicester can set you up promptly for this method. Let us guide you in honing an email marketing strategy that nudges your audience to engage, interact, and convert into tangible leads and sales. 

Email marketing stands as the leading strategy employed by online businesses, primarily due to its cost-effectiveness and efficiency in delivering information and products directly to consumers.

Why Choose Email Marketing? Here Are three Convincing Reasons:


Let's do the math - to reach 10,000 potential clients through traditional mail, you'd need to design, print, and ship 10,000 flyers, costing upwards of £5,000. In contrast, email marketing could achieve the same reach for an approximate cost of £100, a clear indication of the cost-effectiveness of email campaigns.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike traditional flyers, email marketing offers recipients the option to opt-out if they wish to no longer receive your messages, ensuring a cleaner, waste-free approach. Can your postal mails offer that flexibility?

Rapid Response Time

While direct postal mails take several days to elicit a response, email campaigns can prompt immediate actions. Recipients can swiftly click a link, reach out to you, or undertake other actions, enabling a quicker turn-around time and potentially higher conversion rates.


Strong Points

MailChimp, one of the most widely used platforms for email marketing, is popular among small businesses primarily due to its free-to-use model.

There is so much more to Mailchimp than just sending emails, by using it to store customers data you can then use this to really pinpoint and segregate your customers.

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Cart Abandonment

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

About Mailchimp

We always recommend Mailchimp to our clients because it’s truly remarkable! It’s a platform that scales with your business – you can start with the free plan and progressively unlock all the premium features it offers.

The integration of Mailchimp with your WordPress & WooCommerce store is seamless, taking all the heavy lifting off your shoulders!

But Mailchimp isn’t just about email marketing. It also provides a wealth of additional features such as landing pages, pop-ups, cart abandonment solutions, and much more!

Bespoke Marketing Plans

Mailchimp for Woocommerce

Mailchimp’s robust tools can elevate your marketing by suggesting products your customers will appreciate and converting site visitors into subscribers with pop-up forms. Once your store is integrated, you can engage with your customers more intelligently and personally:

  • You can target customers based on their purchase history and shopping frequency using Mailchimp’s segmentation feature. There are even pre-configured segments that expedite the process of more personalised communication.
  • Activate automated marketing emails to remind customers about items they’ve left in their cart or viewed on your site, re-engage inactive customers, follow up after a purchase, or just send a friendly greeting.
  • Design visually appealing emails that align with your brand’s aesthetic using purpose-oriented templates, prominent images, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email designer, and more.

Are you Ready for GDPR?

When relying on consent as your legal basis for processing, the GDPR says the consent you obtain must be freely given, specific, informed, and unambiguous. You also must clearly explain how you plan to use their personal data.

MailChimp can help you get your email newsletter subscribers compliant with GDPR using the tools it’s simple and must not be ignored.

At RR Web Design, we are proud to provide comprehensive email marketing solutions.

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