marjorie wise dance school wordpress website by rr webdesign leicester

Marjorie Wise Dance School WordPress Website

Project Detail

Marjorie Wise Dance School is one of the oldest dance schools in Leicestershire. After recently being taken over by a student of the school, Laurie wanted to give the school a new life and bring the school back to its former glory.

Laurie was a student of this brilliant dance school and when she got the opportunity to take it over it was something she couldn’t pass up. Laurie wanted to start by launching a website for the school to attract new pupils but also to inform the community about the dance school and all of its history.

marjorie wise dance school wordpress website by rr webdesign leicester

Client Laurie

Project Date April 2018

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marjorie wise dance school woocommerce rrwebdesign


The main objective with this build was to get the school out there to bring in new students and inform them about the history.  I also wanted to let current students easily stay up to date with class schedules and events.

By building on WordPress and Woocommerce we were able to install a variety of plugins to help achieve everything we needed from the site.

The user of the site can add an event such as a dance show and sell tickets to this event via the woocommerce and booking plugin.

The calendar allows students, parents and anyone who would be interested in coming along to a show or class to see a timetable for every event and purchase tickets.

Laurie also wanted to start selling her own dance clothing for the school. This can now be done via the woocommerce system with stripe as the payment gateway making sure the website takes secure payments.


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