Moonstone Murders

"Great service and communication,"

RR WebDesign Leicester has completed an extensive SEO and web design project for Moonstone Murder Mysteries.

The project comprised a holistic website redesign and an SEO strategy aiming to rank the client’s website number one on search engine results pages (SERPs) for multiple targeted keywords.


As a result of our strategic approach and meticulous execution, Moonstone Murder Mysteries now holds the number one position in search results for multiple targeted keywords, substantially increasing their online visibility and potential customer reach. The redesigned website now offers an improved user experience and has already demonstrated signs of increased engagement and conversion rates.

Next Steps:

To maintain the acquired rankings and build on this success, we recommend implementing a continuous SEO strategy that includes regular website audits, ongoing keyword research, continuous content creation, and backlink development.

Client Overview

Great service and communication, Ryan built our website and has been doing SEO for us the past few months. The one or two issues were dealt with swiftly and professional. Already starting to see an uptake in bookings, looking forward to continue working with them as they help boost our business further!

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