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Jakes Dog Treats

jakes dog treats

Project Detail

Jakes Dog Treats sells 100% natural treats for mans best friend,


ClientJakes Dog Treats
Project DateJune 2020


I was contacted by Matt ( Jakes Dad ) and he was looking for some help in getting this website off the ground. Matt had set this business up for his two kids Lewis & Jake to help them start their own business,

Lewis suffers from Autism and his dog Fudge has really helped him deal with the issues life in general faces him, they all wanted to supply only the best 100% Natural, Grain-Free Dog Treats & Chews for dogs like Fudge.

After Matt explained the whole situation, we had a discussion and with Matt just covering a few costs I decided to do the work for free, I couldn’t wait to be part of this, having a little Cockapoo myself I wanted to help in any way I could.

The website was already mostly set up, it just needed some design work, so we had a look at some competitors and set about creating something that was easy to navigate and simple for customers to find the products and checkout easy.




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