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Searching for a reliable PPC agency in Leicester? RR Webdesign boasts years of expertise in delivering PPC services to diverse businesses.

As a data-centric agency, we are passionate about achieving outstanding outcomes. We are well-versed in the nuances and emerging trends of PPC, adept at steering quality traffic to your website. Our strategic paid advertising campaigns have generated revenue growth for our clients. We are committed to aligning our efforts with your business objectives, aiding in increasing your customer base.

We extend a complimentary PPC account audit to highlight the spheres we can refine for you. Connect with us today, and let’s embark on a collaborative journey to escalate your business growth.


PPC advertising encompasses Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), Bing advertising, YouTube ads, and remarketing, enabling your business to:

  • Garner qualified leads/enquiries from prospective buyers seeking your services
  • Begin modestly and escalate once a return on investment is realised
  • Enhance brand visibility and recognition in your market
  • Introduce new products and services
  • Venture into new regions and/or hone in on specific geographic locales
  • Boost online sales for E-commerce ventures

Discover more about our PPC and Google Ads management services in Leicester by making a swift inquiry. You can call, email or contact us through our contact form on our website.

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Our PPC Agency Services

Paid search emerges as a flexible and powerful avenue to generate leads and propel sales for ecommerce enterprises. Be it through Microsoft Bing ads, Google AdWords services, or a variety of other PPC offerings, our expert paid search agency team is ready to assist you.

At RR Webdesign, our journey spans several years, standing out as one of the UK’s premier PPC agencies, orchestrating remarkable outcomes for both local and national businesses. We’ve crafted paid search strategies that amplify our clients’ financial gains, adhering to budgetary guidelines and stringent timelines.

PPC audits & consultancy

PPC audits play a crucial role in the effective management of PPC campaigns. Our PPC agency in Leicester routinely carries out weekly audits to guarantee that your PPC ads are yielding optimum results.
This entails scrutinising your ongoing PPC campaigns to pinpoint areas for enhancement as well as avenues to amplify your return on investment. Through our PPC audits, your business will obtain invaluable insights into PPC efficiency, covering aspects like ad relevance, keyword targeting, ad copy, and landing page relevance.

Continuous PPC Management & Optimisation

Maintaining the efficiency of your PPC campaigns over time is crucial. Our PPC agency in Leicester offers enduring management and optimisation services to assist businesses in perpetually enhancing their campaigns and fulfilling their marketing objectives.
Through consistent monitoring and refinement of ad copy, keywords, bidding strategies, and landing pages, a PPC agency can empower businesses to outpace competitors and foster more conversions. Additionally, we can furnish tailored reports and insights, aiding businesses in comprehending the performance of their campaigns and making informed decisions based on data.

PPC Campaign Growth

Our esteemed PPC agency in Leicestershire is poised to assist businesses in broadening their PPC campaigns by unveiling fresh avenues for growth and optimisation. We stand ready to aid businesses through exhaustive keyword and competitor research to discover new opportunities to engage prospective customers. By crafting new ad copy and landing pages that resonate with these opportunities, businesses can enhance their relevance and elevate their quality score, ultimately securing superior ad placement and a reduced cost-per-click (CPC).
Moreover, our PPC agency in Leicester can assist businesses in testing and fine-tuning their new campaigns to ascertain they yield maximum value. With a commitment to ceaseless enhancement and data-guided decision-making, our squad is equipped to help businesses outmaneuver the competition and attain their marketing aims.

Paid search setup

Setting up paid search is a pivotal phase in rolling out triumphant PPC campaigns, and collaborating with a respectable PPC agency in Leicestershire such as ours can propel businesses towards their objectives.
Our PPC agency in Leicester offers proficient paid search setup services, encompassing keyword research, ad copy crafting, and landing page optimisation.
Utilising the latest in PPC tools and technologies, we are poised to launch targeted and efficacious campaigns that engage the right audience and catalyse conversions. With a commitment to perpetual optimisation and data-informed decision-making, our PPC mavens stand ready to assist businesses in realizing their marketing goals and amplifying their ROI.

Why Should You Invest in PPC & Google Ads?

Numerous business owners overlook Google Ads/Google AdWords, often perceiving it as costly, ineffective, or both. However, like any business endeavor, the effectiveness largely hinges on the approach taken.

When adeptly handled, PPC & Google Ads can significantly boost a business. Here are the advantages you stand to gain:

It's Fast

Employing strategies such as search engine optimisation, content marketing, and social media marketing necessitate time to mature and yield results. 

Conversely, Google Ads operates at a quicker pace – upon activating a campaign, your ads will commence appearing in search results within mere minutes.

Control Over Where Your Funds Are Spent

You have the ability to dictate when your ads are displayed (for instance, only between 9-5 Mon-Fri), the locations they appear in, the keywords they are associated with, and the products/services you promote. 

This enables you to prioritise products or services based on seasonal demand, your business's capacity, or profitability/return.

It Enhances Your Brand Recognition

Even if individuals don't engage with your ads, securing a position at the top of search results can boost brand recognition, yielding long-term benefits for you.

It's Entirely Measurable

Having the appropriate systems set up enables you to monitor various aspects of your advertising efforts. You can ascertain the frequency, timing, and locations of your ad displays, the number of clicks they receive, the cost incurred per click, and the conversion rate. 

Additionally, you can track the number of inquiries that eventually lead to sales or orders. This level of tracking allows you to accurately evaluate your return on investment, which sets it apart from many other marketing strategies.

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