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Do you want to start driving traffic to your website with ads?

Google Advertising for Small Business in Leicestershire

Are you a Leicester or Leicestershire based business looking to get your website found by more customers?

Pay Per Click or PPC is one of the best ways to instantly get results and start driving targeted traffic to your business and website. This type of marketing and advertising works on a pay per click basis where you only pay when your advert is clicked by a customer. 

Adwords works well because of its targeted basis, once we have selected the type of customers you are trying to target we can work them ads and really start driving fast and growing traffic to your website.  PPC is one of the most cost-efficient forms of marketing you can do.

Search Engine Text Ads

There are mainly two different type of ads you can run, the first one is a text ad and this is simply a clickable message. You can include various things into your ad and Google is always expanding the options you can place in your ads account.

Google is always new features to its ads, things like your phone number, opening hours and lot more call to actions, this way you can start tracking how well your ads are working and if they are generating leads. 

Google Shopping Ads

Google has now added Google shopping ads, this means if you have an e-commerce store you can start displaying your products in the Google search carousel, this means potential customers can see all the relevant information directly from the Google search platform, things like images, pricing and stock quality. 

Google is now adding more features so customers can filter down more and more in the shopping results, to give a better user experience.


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What can you expect from a Small Business Adwords Campaign

When you order a small business package from RR Webdesign you will get all of the following

  • Keyword Research
  • Budget Research
  • Ad account set up
  • Bing & Google set up
  • Account Management

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