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WordPress Basic Training


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Having a website can be a daunting thing for someone and it can be such a waste just leaving it there and not doing anything with it.

That’s why I have started offering small training sessions to help people get the most out of their websites.

WordPress is one of the best website platforms on the market and this is mostly down its usability but to someone why isn’t tech savvy, it can be very tricky.

I will spend 2 hours with you going over all the basic functions of the website from pages, posts/blogs, plugins and settings.

A lot of businesses just let their website sit there and do nothing as they are unsure on how everything works, this is the worst thing you can do and let’s work together and start making the most of your website!

  • Update Plugins
  • Update Theme
  • Menus and Catagories
  • Adding new content to the website
  • Adding new plugins
  • Research new advancements

I can tailor the training to suit your needs and help you with every aspect of the website, whether it’s just changing a phone number and email and just updating a few pieces of text and images it makes such a difference to the customer experience on your website.



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