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Are you looking to get higher on Google? 

I can help build up your Google organic results for your Leicester business with SEO, by using search engine optimisation marketing strategies that google love and start seeing instant results.

I can ensure your website will start performing better in search engines and get higher rankings, more visitors, more phone calls and more sales!

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While there are a lot of SEO Digital Marketing Agency & around Leicester the difference is Web Design Leicester RR try and teach you along the way how to improve and maintain your SEO on your website.

I believe in building a relationship with all my SEO & Webdesign clients and with this relationship, we can start reaching our goals.

Track SEO Record


Take a look at the image and see the results we have managed to achieve with Cookie Dough Kids SEO.

I have taken the website from 371 clicks in a 3-month period to 1570 clicks! 

In this period Cookie Dough Kids sales have quadrupled!

We have managed to get them to number 1 spot on Google for many keywords and Kirsty is now investing more into SEO as she has seen the results we have given.

cookie dough kids seo report

Finer Stables SEO

700% up

Finer Stables came onboard in 2019 for a 6 months SEO Plan, we set out to try and reach number one spot for the keyword Field Shelters, after looking at the competition and what they were doing we set up a plan and executed it perfectly and the results have just been unbelievable! 

We managed to take the website from the darkest depths of page 4-5 and now sit high and proud in number one spot! This has resulted in a huge increase in website traffic and more importantly sales! 

After looking at the analytics for Finer Stables you can see they are over 700% up!! If we are looking for results like this use the contact details below!

Tailor-Made SEO Digital Marketing

Customised SEO Strategy

Google is now the most used search engine by business and customers. If you’re not there on that first page when they search, your chances of being seen are very slim. It’s really as simple as that. Therefore it is very important your website not only looks good but looks good to search engines like Google. RR Webdesign makes sure both of these things are the case. Your website is the first thing customers may see and the face of your business and we work our magic to make sure you stand out from the crowd. 

I take the time to analyse your Leicestershire business and website and make sure we come up with a marketing strategy that’s right for you. Adjusting our campaigns to make sure your site stays above your competition.

Start Learning SEO

So what is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is ensuring your website can be found in search engines for as many words or as you may hear the saying “keywords”. SEO covers everything around your website from on page designs and tags to offline links and citations. 

Everything I teach and produce on your website will be strictly White Hat meaning Google loves it and will always be the winner in the long run. 

Google loves changing the industry and throwing out an update that can sometimes mean changing tactics but that’s one of the best things about this industry, it’s forever changing and always a challenge. 

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Start driving more and more customers to your business by optimsing for the customer, find out how we can start bring new customers to you!

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