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Why your Business Website needs a SSL Certificate

Why your Business Website needs a SSL Certificate

For many years Google has been trying to get all website to start using an SSL Certificate.

Let’s explain what is SSL?
SSL allows websites to be accessed over HTTPS, other than HTTP which really means it encrypts information sent between the visitor to the site and web your server.
When buying an SSL certificate and installing it on a website this displays a padlock image and says it is SECURE.
It has been reported in the past that Google has blacklisted websites with password fields and credit card forms on websites for completing online that were NON-HTTPS compliable!

Now the new version GOOGLE CHROME no 62 has been updated we have tested it on a website with an enquiry form that is the only HTTP and it displays a WARNING SAYING – NOT SECURE. This can really scare off a customer when they see a website that isn’t secure!

This isn’t conclusive yet but many SEO specialists are saying this is a step toward blacklisting sites that do not comply with the new rules and don’t install an SSL Certificate.

Google has confirmed in a recent post that having an SSL certificate will boost your rankings.
So if search engine ranking is important to you (it should be) then it will worth doing, all our packages from RR Web design Leicester come free with a standard SL certificate

Generally as more websites change to SSL, the remaining sites will be forced into installing an SSL so it is a matter of when rather than if.
Customers don’t always take notice of the “Not Secure” warnings. But the onus will be on service providers and website owners to protect their users from unknowingly sending sensitive information to their servers and Google seems to have decided now is the time.

Is Your Site Affected?
The answer is YES if:
Your website has an enquiry form, has a search box or has a login to an admin area.

RR Webdesign Leicester provide an SSL with all our hosting packages

We can supply you with an SSL certificate and get it set up on your website.
This might not always be as simple as implementing it. The website links throughout the site have to be checked to make sure they are now linking to a page that is HTTPS rather than as previously being HTTP

If one link is incorrect Google will not give the padlock and secure message.

Once your site is set up using an SSL Certificate all your links and webmasters need to be changed, your Google webmaster tools will need a new domain set up then we can compare the results of having SSL Certificate

We must point out that having an SSL does not mean the website is completely secure. The main reason of HTTPS is to keep the visitor’s information secure in transit, SSL doesn’t do anything to protect the website from being hacked and attacked by viruses.
This is now the first step in website owners learning that websites need to be monitored and updated regularly.

If you need any more information on this or need help starting your own website then contact Ryan at RR Webdesign Leicester

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