What is Google Ads and how can it work for your business

What is Google Ads and how can it work for your business If you’re new to website and online marketing or just looking for a better description of how you can advertise your business to new customers then you’re in the right place. In this article, we will be looking at Google Ads ( Was formerly called Google Adwords) Once you have got your website design you can then start marketing the website Google’s advertising system allows you to place your business directly in front of your target customers. If you have just launched a new website then getting ranked high in organic results (non paid search) can take a minimum of a year and for some congested keywords years and a lot of work. Using Google Ads you can get your website to #1 spot on google and see immediate results and start driving traffic to your website and business. Paid Search Paid Search is a phrase the industry use for paid advertising in search engines like Google. A search ad usually will appear at the top or the sidebar of a search engine like Google and Bing and can be identified by a little green  ‘Ad’ label. Basics of how Google Ads Work In short, the way search engine ads work is by choosing a ‘keyword’ like ‘plumber in Leicester’ and placing your advert to appear for this keyword. Of course, your business is not going to be the only one competing for number one spot on Google for that keyword, there will be others and this is where costs can go up, the more you pay the higher you will be. The way it works is you can bid on how much that keyword is worth to you and if it’s worth competing against huge companies or try and find neich keywords that people are not fighting over and driving up the bid. So the more you pay per click the higher you will likely appear in a paid search for that keyword, you will often hear the phrase PPC, this stands for PAY-PER-CLICK. What is Ad Rank and how does it affect you Ad rank is a Google AI that works out the best advert to place at the top. Per Google Ads help Your bid is one of 5 factors that Google uses to work out who has the best results the customer is looking for. The quality of your ads and landing page website The Ad Rank thresholds, a set of quality thresholds your ad needs to meet in order to be eligible to show. These can depend on things like the topic and nature of a search, location, and device type Search context, including the query, the time of the search, the other ads and search results that show on the page, and other user signals like location and device type Ad extensions and other ad formats: these are the pieces of additional information you can add such as a phone number, or more links to other pages on your website. Ads Bidding CPC or Cost Per Click is the price you pay everytime someone clicks on one of your ads. There are a few ways you can go about choosing the correct bid for your Ads campaign, you can pick a maximum bid amount or you can choose an automatic option, this is where Google will pick a bid amount that sits within your budget and should bring you maximum results for your campaign. Google Keyword Planner This is by far the most important step to any Google ads PPC campaign, using this tool will help you decide the keywords you want to start bidding on and gives you a rough idea of how much you are likely to spend per month. As you can see in the image the keyword ‘plumber in Leicester’ to reach the number one spot in Google would cost roughly £88 Per Month with a return of 30 clicks to your website. This is where you would need to think if this keyword would be worth bidding on and how many of them 30 clicks would you transform into leads and profit. Making PPC Work for your business If you are looking to add google ads to your business you can find more information on my services page PPC Traffic – Google & Bing Adwords Please use the contact page below to get in touch about how I can help you start driving more traffic to your business.

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