The Good Electrical Company

"Ryan did a great job building our website and setting up our SEO."

RR WebDesign Leicester has recently accomplished a comprehensive SEO and web design project for The Good Electrical Company.

The project’s primary objective was to elevate the client’s online presence by redesigning their website and ensuring their number one ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) for various high-value keywords.


Following our focused strategy and relentless execution, The Good Electrical Company now enjoys number one rankings in search results for multiple targeted keywords, thereby significantly increasing their online visibility and potential customer reach. Their redesigned website offers an improved user experience and has been contributing to an increase in user engagement and conversion rates.

Next Steps:

To maintain and build on the successful rankings, we propose a sustained SEO strategy, including periodic website audits, continual keyword research, fresh content creation, and backlink development.

Client Overview

Ryan did a great job building our website and setting up our SEO.
Whenever we asked for changes Ryan carried them out quickly and efficiently.
So many SEO companies just want your money and then they don’t pick up the phone.
So if you want a reliable service from an honest company I would recommend RR Web design!

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