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I am now offering training days and sessions on a number of different aspects based around your WordPress website and all its functions and plugins.

I understand that a lot of people are looking at getting their business online but really don’t understand how to maintain a website and really get the most out of it. Having a website can be very daunting and that’s where I would like to come in and help you. You can start by watching videos on youtube and I really would recommend this as a starting point and learn the basics or even just refresh your mind on key areas but every website is different and they can’t help you with something specific to yours.

By joining me on these training sessions, I plan on helping small independent Leicester businesses. I hope to make sure you get the most out of your website and start building your business profile up online.

All these courses will take place in your home or office and while it’s best for it to be 1 on 1, I can tailor different courses for bigger groups. We would start by providing a list of all the problems or information you require on the training course and really make sure I can tailor it to suit you.

Once you have purchased your desired course we start by having a short email or telephone conversation about all the points you are looking for.

Most courses will be 2-4 hours on a specific subject. I believe in keeping them short as full-day events covering too many areas are giving the customer too much information to take in, so in keeping them short and more tailored to a smaller subject helps you take on more information and most importantly retain all the training information.

If you are not sure if your website is built on WordPress then please contact me using the form on the contacts page, after a quick check I can find out. If your website is not built on WordPress I can provide a quick quote on how we can build you a brand new website on WordPress.

If you are thinking about why WordPress, well WordPress is the #1 website building platform on the market, it now powers over 50% off all websites that are online and that is growing every day!

One of the main benefits of WordPress is the usability, it can be built to suit anybody’s needs and is the most user-friendly. You can read more about why choose a WordPress website and woocommerce here.

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