VMS Removals

At RR Webdesign Leicester, we are pleased to provide a comprehensive overview of the successful SEO and web design project completed for VMS Removals, a leading removals business.

We delivered a robust SEO strategy and designed a compelling, user-friendly website, significantly enhancing their digital presence and improving their search engine rankings.

The strategic execution of our robust SEO plan and website redesign resulted in a dramatic increase in the digital visibility of VMS Removals. Specifically:

  1. VMS Removals now ranks at #1 in Google SERPs for multiple high-value industry keywords.
  2. The website redesign resulted in a significant improvement in user experience, evidenced by lower bounce rates and higher average time on site.
  3. The increase in visibility led to a substantial boost in organic traffic, resulting in more inquiries and business for VMS Removals.
  4. The local SEO strategy effectively positioned VMS Removals as a top choice for removal services in the Leicester area.


This successful project for VMS Removals demonstrates RR Webdesign Leicester’s commitment to delivering results-driven, tailored SEO and web design solutions. We are proud of the role we played in helping VMS Removals achieve their digital goals, and we look forward to forging more success stories for our clients.

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