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What is meta information and why you need it?

What is meta information and why you need it?

Lets start with the basics what is meta information – Search Engine Optimisation – There are Elements of a website, like content, and meta information that are used to not only attract and help the customer with showing what the website is about but also to allow Google and other search engines to understand what the website does and is.

This will allow Google to know exactly what your website design is about and pick out the keywords you are using to help get your website listing higher on certain search words or phrases. Every company wants their website to get to the first page of Google for a frequently used searched phrase that their customers will use and hopefully click on the site.

Meta information allows you to target your customer a little more, you can showcase exactly what you are and tell the customer that your site is what they are looking for.

Meta info is split into two different sections, titles and descriptions. These are what’s shown on your listing in Google. One title and one description need to grab the customer and reel them away from all the other of thousands of results in order to click on your page.

Meta titles (aka meta tags)

Meta titles are just that – titles. Our homepage’s meta title is:

RR Webdesign | Website Design Leicester

You need to create a meta title that is short and to the point (60 characters max), while making sure you give the customer enough description. What you need to think about when creating a title tag is think of what the end sure might put into a google search there is no point using a pun or something no one would ever search – users don’t search Google with puns when they’re actually trying to find something. neither do they use uncommon words?

Get straight to the point when writing your tags – let the user know who you are and what the web page is all about. The best practice is to use words your customer will understand – no trade or inside circle phrases that people won’t understand unless you’re appealing to people from your industry and sector.

Meta descriptions

That’s right meta descriptions describe the page! These appear under your URL permalink and Meta Titel

These little snippets of information are there to explain in more detail what the page is all about, using keywords which will encourage the customer to click into your site and will be picked up by Google to help your website list higher in organic listings this is all called SEO.

Meta descriptions should not exceed 155 characters, so keep it to the point. Like your meta title, the description needs to bring your customers in while being a matter of fact and giving them a reason to suspect that what they are after is on your web page.

That’s it! You really need to spend some time when choosing and writing all your meta tags, they are very important for search engines and for the users. If you need any more information on this or some training we would be happy to help, contact Ryan at RR Webdesign Leicester and we can get you started

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