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Every plumber needs a website

Are you a plumber? Do you own your own building trade business? Do you need to showcase your work to potential customers? We specialise in offering local Leicestershire plumbing and trade business help in getting online. In this digital day and age the best form of advertising is getting online and making sure your customers can easily find you.

Plumbers and the building trade sector business module is different to the local shop as all your calls and traffic is mostly word of mouth and not from people walking past your shop front.

Once a customer finds your business you need to make sure you turn that potential customer into thinking this is the person I need for the job! We can help make you look more professional online.

Once we have built your website the main things it needs to display is:

  • What you do
  • How you do it
  • What you have done
  • How to contact you

Customers need all the information they’re looking for to be easily seen on one page otherwise they will leave straight away and look for someone else, just imagine the number of calls you could be missing out on!

We can implement these simple steps to start your online adventure

  1. A Professional Logo

Every company can be distinguishable by its logo and you should be no different. A professional plumbing logo can serve so many purposes. It makes your company legitimate and gives a customer more reassurance that you take pride in your appearance whether it’s online or not.

  1. Imagery

After a recent survey, 8/10 customers say if a website doesn’t have good photos and imagery then they will leave instantly so making sure you connect with the customer is essential. The main thing is that you will be able to show the customers what you can do, it’s very good telling someone but letting someone see could be the difference.


  1. Contact

Once you have impressed the customer and they’re sold on that they need you, the next thing is for the customer to be able to contact you easily whether it’s by phone or to simply fill out an online form then they can leave all the information they need about the job in question.

  1. Services

Making sure you give all the best information you can is important to giving the customer a clear list of all the services you offer.

  1. Personal

A customer needs someone they can trust. This is the major barrier to cross when a customer is looking for a tradesman. The thing you have to do is remember they are letting a stranger into their home so having a website that connects with someone and gives a more personal touch will help you gain the trust.

A great way to gain the trust of a potential customer is putting a video of all your staff with a little bio to help people to get to know you before you have met and creates some familiarity.

  1. Mobile

Nearly 9/10 plumbing searches are now done on a mobile device so making sure your website is easily accessible on all platforms is a must!

  1. Awards

Everybody wants a plumber or tradesman who is good, so showcasing all your awards and qualifications is a must, showing all the certificates that you have studied for years to gain.


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