WooCommerce is ideal for Leicestershire businesses

WooCommerce is ideal for Leicestershire businesses

WooCommerce is becoming the #1 WordPress plugins and is described as, ‘An e-commerce toolkit that helps you sell anything. Instantly.’

WooCommerce is a free open source plugin that lets you easily set up an e-commerce store on your site run through your WordPress website. The unbelievable potential of WooCommerce makes it an essential tool for a start-up online store.

With over 2 million people downloading WooCommerce worldwide, it’s taking up a large piece of the E-commerce industry. It’s extremely user friendly with many possibilities for a small start-up fee. The features make it a popular choice and currently has over 500 plugins and extensions.

The Design WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free plugin to run but it does take a great deal of time to design it to your wishes. It doesn’t come with any designs straight out the box, it just gives you the ability to sell your products or services online. The design aspect is dependent on your WordPress theme and website design.

WooCommerce was built by developers to work with most themes available. More often you’ll be able to select a WordPress theme and make it work with WooCommerce. Even better are those themes that were designed especially to work with WooCommerce. These themes will have the product and service listings tailored to look good and work perfectly.

We can design and get your E-Commerce website done for you, WooCommerce RR Webdesign in Leicester can do all the legwork for you. Whatever route you decide to take, we can help you.

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WooCommerce is Flexible for everyone

You can put your products into categories, create sale prices, and tweak each product independent of another. This makes it easier for customers and you don’t really need to know too much about the technical aspects to work with the basics. You can start selling your products and services straight away.

Appealing Interface

Again, WooCommerce is excellent for the beginner and the less tech savvy who is starting out with the hopes of building their own online store. You’re always going to be kept in your comfort zone, especially if you’re already using WordPress. one of the main reasons for WooCommerce is how simple to use it is compared to its competition.

You can build a fully functional online store in a professional website that is accompanied by a blog.

When you’re ready for an e-commerce upgrade or to start from scratch, it opens the door to those possibilities with the help of RR Webdesign

WooCommerce Gives Your Online Store a Professional Look

WooCommerce is really easy to use and maintain. You’re going to be left with a professional looking online store that is built for the purpose of selling your products. You will be left with a stunning website that will blow your competitors away.

You have the ability to do a lot of things for your customers with ease. You can easily update delivery status, offer discounts, offer shipping options and more. WooCommerce really offers so many plugins that help your offer everything you need to your customer.

WooCommerce Features

The brilliance of  WooCommerce is that it has many pre-installed payment gateways to choose from. There is so much space for customizing available to create your own unique online e-commerce store. choosing your theme to make sure it does exactly the job it needs to do. RR Webdesign can help you creat something that has every feature your customer requires.

WooCommerce Benefits SEO

As WooCommerce runs on WordPress, it gets the benefits of the SEO installed into it. This allows you to create a marketing strategy for your store. The marketing plan includes offers and discounts as well as social media integration to speak with your customer base. Here are some of the marketing options;

Discount codes and coupons

Wish lists.

Product Bundles.

Reward programs (gain points when you purchase).

Email Marketing Campaign

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WooCommerce Makes You Look Good

WooCommerce makes it easy for you to boost your customer’s experience on your site. When your customers are happy, they share your store with everyone else. Your WooCommerce platform makes it easy for you to control customer accounts, create automatic passwords for them, one-click refunds and returns.

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